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Hey, guys!

We're working hard on the Aether II for 1.8 rewrite, but for now, we figured we'd throw together a small Christmas Update for you all! ... And then Christmas happened.

So, introducing -- the totally not late Festive Update!

Now available on your launchers and at!

This new release includes two chillingly new companions, a ton of unique new pendants and rings, and a few more extra goodies! Oh, and did we mention you can now wrap your own presents for friends (or just yourself)?

Thanks for playing, we've got a ton planned for 2016 that we can't wait to talk about!

<3 Potts

Using the Aether II launcher? Getting this error when trying to play?

It's a pretty easy fix, but make sure you do all of this with Minecraft closed!

Navigate to your .aether folder. .aether is where all of your Aether II data is stored if you use the Aether II launcher, and it can be found in the same place as your .minecraft. If you're on Windows, you can get to the .aether folder by pressing the Windows key + R and typing in %appdata%\.aether

Once your .aether is open, go to profiles, then 1.7.10-1.5.1, and finally, open the mods folder. Once you're there, all you have to do is delete the file named aether.jar.

Now, you should be set to reopen the launcher once again and play the latest release of the Aether II!

If you've followed the steps above and are still having issues playing the Aether II through our launcher, we recommend performing a manual installation. We have nifty guides for installing the Aether II manually both on the normal Minecraft launcher and MultiMC!

Apologies for the issues!

Looking for a challenge?
Want to work with a passionate, friendly team who lives and breathes game development?

We at Gilded Games are determined to develop mods which define the future of Minecraft, setting milestones for quality throughout the community. Serious development is not the only thing we are concerned with though: at heart the team is just a really close group of friends.

If we sound like a team you would like to work with, and you have some decent experience in OOP languages such as Java, then send us an application in a private message to our Facebook fanpage: <3

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