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Aermail is back! Brandon Potts takes over this week to show us all the new features and improvements coming to the Aether Official Server in the summer hotfix. Watch it now and subscribe!

Aermail #5 has arrived for your viewing pleasure! This week, we've revealed the completely redesigned Book of Lore that'll help you along your adventure when you first step into the newly mutated lands of the Aether. You can watch it now and subscribe for more weekly news!

Early Thursday morning we attempted to install the McMyAdmin panel to the Aether Official Server to allow easier, more accessible use of the server. During this process, we had to completely transfer the server to a new folder on the server. This caused several plugins to essentially break. One of the most major adverse affects of this was that all /home's located in the overworld were completely regenerated, including some /home's set near the spawn.

After attempting several fixes, including uploading a backup of the server, we have decided that it is best that the AOS remain down until the release of the Aether II hotfix patch that will be released late this month. We would have been forced to reset the world with the hotfix on account of dungeon generation changes.

This will allow a large window of time to test the hotfix with the AOS in addition to making several large improvements and additions, including a freebuild world and the implementation of a beta version of AetherGames, an Aetheric twist on the SurvivalGames many of you have likely played before.

The patch is slated for release either later this month or very early August. We plan to relaunch the AOS on the same day of the patch, so you'll be able to log back in and play as soon as possible.

Thank you all for baring with us while we work to get the server back up and running. It's going to be great.

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