Aether II Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the Aether II's next update releasing?
At this time, we're working on polishing the 1.7.10 vesion of the Aether II with bug fixes, which will be released as they're complete. However, our next large scale update, Mutation, currently has no set release date or estimated release window. For more info, check out our Facebook and Twitter.
What version will the next update be for?
We are currently developing bug patches and updates for the 1.7.10 version of the Aether II. Afterwards, we will begin our next big task of doing a major rewrite of the Aether II for 1.8. The Mutation beta update will most likely launch running on 1.8 or later as well.
What's in the next Aether II update?
Our next large content patch, Mutation, will bring the Aether II into its beta stage. It includes a ton of new content, including new mobs, items, and biomes. You can learn more about Mutation on our blog.
But a developer said it's coming out sooner/is for a different version/has more content!
Statements made by individual Gilded Games developers and employees should not be considered as a representation of our current works in progress. Only consider information made from an official Gilded Games account, such as a post from The Aether on Facebook or from our blog here, as fact.
When will the silver and gold dungeons come back?
All of the dungeons, including the new Slider's Labyrinth and the original silver and gold dungeons, will be redesigned and reimplemented in future content updates, the first of which being the Mutation update. There is no estimated release of Mutation or any of the content patches that include new dungeons.
Can I make my own multiplayer server using the Aether II?
Of course! The Aether II is built on Minecraft Forge, meaning it's fairly simple to set up a server running it, just follow this simple tutorial from Minecraft Wiki. Remember that you do not have to install Threaded Lighting to the server, only the Aether II is necessary.
All this Forge server stuff seems tricky... do you guys have an "official server"?
Indeed! You can join through the golden "Aether Official Server" cloud on the Cloud Network or add to your multiplayer server list.
Can I donate to the Aether II? Are there perks for donating?
Yes and yes! Donating will snag you six exclusive Moa skins, plus ranks on the Aether Official Server and here on Check out our donations page for more information.
I found a bug! Where do I report it?
Our issue tracker would be the place to go. Please make sure you look through all the open and closed issue reports before submitting to avoid duplicate reports.
Can I install the Aether II on a cracked client?
Good luck. The Aether II launcher requires a login with your Minecraft account to validate any downloads of the mod. We've also gotten reports of several issues installing onto cracked Minecraft launchers. You won't get any support from us if you run into these issues, though.
The music in the Aether II is incredible! Can I download the soundtrack anywhere?
You can pick up the original soundtrack, the Ascending Dawn music disc, and more on Emile van Krieken's Bandcamp.
Can I use the Aether II in my mod pack?
Yes! Anyone is free to use the Aether II in their mod packs, but please remember to credit Gilded Games when doing so. Also, be aware that the Aether II is still in its alpha state and is incompatible with many mods. Fixing any incompatibilities is on you.
Can I help test the mod before updates are released?
All pre-release builds are made to be kept within the Gilded Games team and a small group of testers, we do not accept requests or applications to test pre-release builds. As for things like "snapshots", we feel these would only be necessary for large content patches, such as Mutation, and would like to keep most of the new content a surprise. If you really want to help out, feel free to submit bugs you find in the most recently released version to our GitHub.
Can I join the Gilded Games or the Aether Team? I'm a great coder/writer/artist/etc.!
We are very appreciative of how enthusiastic our community is and how involved you want to be with the project. However, we can't let everyone that asks to contribute join and the process of reviewing every applicant is very time consuming and difficult. Because of this, we have a policy of "Don't call us, we'll call you.". Once in a blue moon positions will open up and we'll begin accepting applications from the public. When and if this happens, we'll let you know on our Facebook and Twitter.
Issue: When I try to launch the Aether II for 1.6.4, Minecraft doesn't even open!
You most likely are running a version of Java 8, which is not fully compatible with Forge 1.6.4, the API we used to build the Aether II. The Forge team has since released a fix in the form of the Legacy Java Fixer, which you can download right here.
Issue: My launcher gets stuck when downloading, or doesn't download the Aether II at all!
You may have pre-existing files preventing Minecraft or the Aether II from downloading correctly. Backup your .aether folder (same location as the .minecraft folder), delete it, and try downloading again with a fresh copy of the launcher. If you're still having problems, there are instructions for manual installations on our downloads pages.
Issue: I donated but my special textures/server rank aren't unlocked!
Follow the instructions listed on our donations page, which includes forwarding your PayPal receipt to If you have your perks in-game and/or on the Aether Official Server, but haven't received your rank here on, please make sure you have your Minecraft account linked to your account first.
Issue: I can't connect to servers, I keep getting "ID mismatches"!
This is most likely because you have an old Aether II configuration file. To fix this, navigate to your .minecraft or .aether and delete the config folder inside. Relaunching the Aether II should generate an updated and correct version of the config. If not, make sure you're running the correct version of the mod.

AOS Frequently Asked Questions
When is the Aether Official Server's map going to be wiped/changed?
The next planned map wipe will be with the release of the Aether II's Mutation beta update. However, we expect to have some problems upgrading to the Aether II 1.7 and 1.8 ports, and a map wipe may be needed with these updates as well.
Why does the Aether Official Server's map have to be wiped/changed?
Several reasons, most importantly the land generation and ID changes in updates. The map and player data (which includes inventories and locations) must be wiped to ensure compatibility with the next update and that all players will be able to log in normally. There is no way to save, transfer, or backup items or builds.
How do you become a Helper or a Moderator?
Helpers are players who have actively been involved with the Aether II and AOS community and have applied via the Helper Application to be promoted to a position of more responsibility. When the need for Moderators arises, users are hand-selected from the pool of Helpers based on activity, helpfulness, and knowledge.
Issue: I've been marked as a donator on the AOS but not on the site (or vice versa)!
This is typically caused by users not having their Minecraft account linked to their profile. There is a tutorial on how to do this on the Enjin Forums.
Issue: I'm signed in but can't post on the forums!
The most common cause for this is logging in with a pre-existing Enjin account without having joined first. Head to the homepage and click the "Join Website" button under your username on the righthand side.
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