Aether II Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I install and play the Aether II?
For an easy installation, we provide the Aether II launcher. You simply sign in with your normal Minecraft credentials, that being your username/email address and password, and after that everything is done for you! However, if there is ever a problem with the Aether II launcher, or if you just prefer to use the stanard Minecraft launcher, we provide easy instructions for manually installing on both the Minecraft launcher and with MultiMC. Everything you need for these installs, whether it be the launcher or manually, is available on our downloads page.

When is the Aether II's next update releasing?
At this time, we're working on rewriting the entire Aether II for Minecraft 1.8, which will vastly improve performance and mod compatibility. This update currently has no scheduled or estimated release window. To keep up with when you'll be seeing these updates, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter.
When is the Aether II's beta update, Mutation, releasing?
Our huge update that will bring the Aether II into a beta state, titled Mutation, is currently on a development freeze as we work on keeping up with Minecraft versions, so it also has no scheduled or estimated release. We will begin working on Mutation again after the release of the 1.8 rewrite, as mentioned above. For more info on Mutation and when it will be coming to you, check out our Facebook and Twitter.
What Minecraft version will the next update be for?
We are currently rewriting the entire Aether II for 1.8, and we do not intend to release anymore 1.7.10 updates. Updates for the 1.7.10 versions will be releasing more frequently until we release our rewritten 1.8 version. Our 'Mutation' beta update, as it is currently in a development freeze, will launch on 1.8 if no other versions of Minecraft Forge become available before its development resumes.
What's in the next Aether II update?
The 1.8 rewrite of the Aether II will include major performance improvements, some changed systems and maybe even a bit of content, though our 'Mutation' beta update will include tons of new content, including new mobs, items, biomes, and even new dungeons. You can learn more about Mutation on our blog.
But a developer told me that it's coming out soon and/or has some new content!
Statements made by individual Gilded Games and Aether Team developers should not be considered as a representation of our current works in progress. Only consider information made from an official Gilded Games account, such as a post from The Aether on Facebook or from our blog here, as fact.
When will the silver Valkyrie dungeon and gold Sun Spririt dungeon come back, if at all?
The Slider's Labyrinth was created as a homeage to the original Bronze Dungeon. We are planning a ton of new dungeons for the future, but details on whether some of these dungeons will be new versions of the Silver and Gold, is yet to be determiend.
Can I install more mods to the Aether II Launcher?
Absolutely! Mods are loaded in via Forge ModLoader, and it's very easy to install additional mods. Just get a 1.7.10 Forge jarmod and drop it right into the folder. The .aether folder can be found in the same location as the .minecraft (%appdata% on Windows), and you can drop jarmods into .aether\profiles\<version number>.
Can I make my own multiplayer server using the Aether II?
Of course! The Aether II is built on Minecraft Forge, meaning it's fairly simple to set up a server running it, just follow this simple tutorial from one of our staff members. Remember that you will have to install both the Aether II and Gilded Games Utility to your server for content to operate in multiplayer, both of which are available on our downloads page.
All this Forge server stuff seems tricky... do you guys have an "official server"?
Indeed! The Aether Official Server is constantly populated by old and new community members, a dedicated moderation team, and frequent appearances by developers! You can join the server via the the golden cloud on the Cloud Network or add to your multiplayer server list.

Can I donate to the Aether II? Are there perks for donating?
Yes and yes! Donating will snag you six exclusive Moa skins, a special rank on the Aether Official Server, a tag on the forums, and a totally ad-free experience. Check out our donations page for more information.

I found a bug! Where do I report it?
Please report all bugs to our issue tracker on GitHub. Telling us about them on the Aether Official Server, the forums, or other social outlets, isn't documented well enough for it to assure being seen by a developer. Please be thorough with your report, including any related crash reports and ways to reproduce the bug, and assure the same report hasn't been posted before.

Can I install the Aether II on a cracked client?
Good luck. The Aether II launcher requires a login with your Minecraft account to validate any downloads of the mod and Minecraft itself. We've also gotten reports of several issues installing onto cracked Minecraft launchers. You won't get any support from us if you run into these issues, though.

The music in the Aether II is incredible! Can I download the soundtrack anywhere?
You can pick up the original soundtrack, the Ascending Dawn music disc, and more on Emile van Krieken's Bandcamp.

Can I use the Aether II in my mod pack?
Yes! Anyone is free to use the Aether II in their mod packs, but please remember to credit Gilded Games when doing so. Also, be aware that the Aether II is still in its alpha state and is incompatible with many mods. Fixing any incompatibilities is on you.
Can I help test the mod before updates are released?
All pre-release builds are made to be kept within the Gilded Games team and a small group of testers, we do not accept requests or applications to test pre-release builds. As for things like "snapshots", we feel these would only be necessary for large content patches, such as Mutation, and would like to keep most of the new content a surprise. If you really want to help out, feel free to submit bugs you find in the most recently released version to our GitHub.
Can I join the Gilded Games or the Aether Team? I'm a great coder/writer/artist/etc.!
We are very appreciative of how enthusiastic our community is and how involved you want to be with the project. However, we can't let everyone that asks to contribute join and the process of reviewing every applicant for every position is very time consuming and difficult. Because of this, we have a policy of "Don't call us, we'll call you," for most positions. However, we are typically quite open to hiring on new developers to help develop the Aether II or possibly some of our other projects. If you have Java coding experience, especially in Minecraft modding, feel free to send an application over via private message to the Gilded Games Facebook page.
Issue: When I try to launch the Aether II for 1.6.4, Minecraft doesn't even open!
You most likely are running a version of Java 8, which is not fully compatible with Forge 1.6.4, the API we used to build the Aether II. The Forge team has since released a fix in the form of the Legacy Java Fixer, which you can download right here.
Issue: My launcher gets stuck when downloading, or doesn't download the Aether II at all!
You may have pre-existing files preventing Minecraft or the Aether II from downloading correctly. Backup your .aether folder (same location as the .minecraft folder), delete it, and try downloading again with a fresh copy of the launcher. If you're still having problems, there are instructions for manual installations on our downloads pages.
Issue: I donated but my special textures/server rank aren't unlocked!
Follow the instructions listed on our donations page, which includes forwarding your PayPal receipt to If you have your perks in-game and/or on the Aether Official Server, but haven't received your rank here on, please make sure you have your Minecraft account linked to your account first.
Issue: I can't connect to servers, I keep getting "ID mismatches"!
This is most likely because you have an old Aether II configuration file. To fix this, navigate to your .minecraft or .aether and delete the config folder inside. Relaunching the Aether II should generate an updated and correct version of the config. If not, make sure you're running the correct version of the mod.

AOS Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Aether Official Server's map going to be wiped/changed?
The next planned Aether Official Server map wipe will occur on the release of the Aether II for 1.8 rewrite. Much will be redone and possibly added to the Aether II and Aether Official Server, and as such we have made the decision to not allow any transferring over of items, builds, or any past data.

How do you become a Helper or a Moderator?
Helpers are players who have actively been involved with the Aether II and AOS community and have applied via the Helper Application to be promoted to a position of more responsibility. However this application is frequently down when we are at staff capacity and soon after new version releases. When the need for Moderators arises, users are hand-selected from the pool of Helpers based on activity, helpfulness, and knowledge.
Issue: I've been marked as a donator on the AOS but not on the site (or vice versa)!
This is typically caused by users not having their Minecraft account linked to their profile. There is a tutorial on how to do this on the Enjin Forums.
Issue: I'm signed in but can't post on the forums!
The most common cause for this is logging in with a pre-existing Enjin account without having joined first. Head to the homepage and click the "Join Website" button under your username on the righthand side.
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